INC Consultancy

We provide guidance and Consultancy for educational institutions for obtaining the Recognisation for setting up the New Nursing Institution.

Our Approach

  1. We assist with submission of Application to INC
  2. Guidance for the institutions for documentation.
  3. Guidance for the institutions for setting up the infrastructure for INC visit .
  4. Training on the requirements of INC.
  5. Support during INC visit.
  6. Guidance on "how to get recognisation from INC"

Why Choose Us as your Consulting Partner !

  1. We have hands on experience in implementation of INC for various Educational Institutions.
  2. Familiar with the methodology of INC Recognisation Process.
  3. Geographical feasibility throughout India.
  4. We provide on campus consulting.
  5. Hand holding from the initial Application submission to INC team visit.
  6. Time bound and Professional approach.s